Tips for Changing Your Name After a Divorce

Did you recently change your name as part of your divorce? If so, it's time to get it updated everywhere.

First Steps to Changing Your Name After a Divorce

When you have your final divorce papers identifying your name change, your first step will be to contact the Social Security Administration to legally change your name on your Social Security Card. The details of what you’ll need are listed out on their website under "corrected card" ( 

You can either visit your local social security office or send your documentation by mail with form SS-5. Your social security number will not change - just the name associated with your social security number. It typically takes at least two weeks to receive your new card in the mail, so you can take this time to make a list of all the places where your name will need to be changed. The IRS is automatically notified when you update your information with the social security administration.


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Post-Divorce Security Tip: Change Your Logins!

Going through a divorce creates a lot of change but also generates opportunities to establish healthy boundaries. One of those boundaries (and one of the first steps in financial planning after a divorce) is to make sure you're protecting your online accounts.

Post-Divorce Tip: Update Your Passwords

To secure your online accounts after a divorce, start by making a list of your online accounts and generate new secure passwords for each of your logins. Keep in mind that your ex knows quite a bit about you, and you don't want to choose something that's easy to guess. Besides being a good periodic habit, this will ensure that your former spouse will not have access to your confidential correspondence or be able to withdraw funds without your knowledge.
As you log in to each of your accounts, this is also a good opportunity to review beneficiaries on accounts, understand account permissions, and notate any joint accounts owned and that need to be...
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